Services His Nesting Place Offers

Once a mother enters the program, she is encouraged to obtain her G.E.D., attend college, trade school, or a job-preparation program, or to seek employment. The emphasis of His Nesting Place is the restoration, personal growth, and education of the mother, which prepares her to be responsible for her own future. Also unlike most other maternity homes, His Nesting Place is able to accommodate women who have other minor children besides their unborn child. Our primary goal is to give each woman the opportunity to know and to introduce her to Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. New life can only come through Him.

Spiritual Emphasis

• Church Services
• Daily Devotions
• Personal Bible Studies
• Pastoral Counseling
• Classes Dealing With Overcoming Addictions
• Parenting Classes

Maternity Home

• Housing
• 24-hour Care And Supervision By Experienced House Managers
• Budgeting and Saving


• Thrift Store Training
• Front Desk Reception Training

Practical Needs
• Clothing and Diapers
• Delicious Home-Cooked Meals
• Medical Referrals
• Pregnancy Help Center
• Free Pregnancy Tests
• All in a loving and caring family-like atmosphere.

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