Financial Policy

Financial Policy
We believe that the way an organization handles itself in the financial arena is a reflection of its integrity in every area. Therefore, we have established guidelines and limitations on the way we solicit contributions and how those funds and resources are put to use for this ministry. The overriding theme of these guidelines is that money be raised and distributed for the glory of God.

1. The Lord has been gracious to the ministry of HNP over the years and has provided us with the financial resources to do the tasks that are most needed. Nevertheless, He gives and sometimes takes away. If He ever closes the door to this work, we will accept His leading and yield the outcome to Him. Until then, we will devote every ounce of energy and all resources to the tasks at hand – helping women in crisis pregnancy and saving the lives of their unborn children.

2. One of the ways we can discern the Lord’s will regarding the direction of our work is through the support He sends (or doesn’t send) from His people. Therefore, during lean times we will make our needs known to our friends. We will never resort to disrespectful or dishonorable methods of fund raising. When those lean times come, we will make every effort to be sure that we “live within our means” with the firm knowledge that this is the will of God for HNP.

3. We will not spend money we do not have. We firmly believe that the Lord is capable of meeting all the financial needs of this ministry. When we make a purchase, we will pay the invoice within 30 days with funds currently available, not relying on future anticipated contributions.

4. We will not ask people to support the ministry of HNP or any other Christian endeavor until their obligation to their local church has been met. We believe giving to the local church should be a priority for every believer.

5. We consider the contributions that we receive for this ministry to have been sent from loving people who have sacrificed to make their gifts possible. Our obligation, therefore, is to spend that money conservatively and as wisely as possible. Every dollar is stretched as far as possible to serve the needs of God’s ministry at HNP. We are stewards of the trust of God and His people. We take on that task with the full knowledge that we are and will be accountable for the ways in which we handle the financial resources that God has so graciously provided.

6. We will receipt all monetary donations with a letter of thanks for tax purposes. Material donations, such as baby furniture or clothing for women, will be receipted upon request.

7. Moneys given and designed for a specific purpose, within the sphere of our ministry, will be used for that purpose.

8. All contributions made to HNP are tax-deductible. We have a 501(c)3 status as a church.

9. Some of the people involved with HNP are volunteers. However, a few individuals who have devoted themselves full-time to the ministry receive financial compensation through Subsistence Salaried Employees. Some of the full-time staff at HNP receive housing and a small salary to meet their essential living expenses.


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